On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions about tattoos. If you can't find the right answer, please send your questions to paintkillerstattoo@gmail.com We will be glad to share our experience and give a good counsel.

Paintkillers tattoo club
What kind of tattoo to choose?

The choice depends on your own preferences, interests and lifestyle.

How to choose a tattoo artist?

Please have a look at the portfolio of our tattoo artists.

Is it necessary to prepare somehow for getting tattoo?

There is no need to prepare especially. Deep sleep, sober mind and square dinner will significantly increase the feeling of comfort during the sitting.

How long time does it take to get a tattoo?

Time for work execution directly depends on the scale and style of tattoo.

Do the inks for tattoo cause the allergy?

The original inks are certified and hypoallergenic.

Is it possible to get infected while getting tattoo?

The modern equipment and many years’ experience of our tattoo artists guarantee you absolute safety process.

How painful is tattooing?

The painfulness of the feelings during the process depends on the individual’s constitutional peculiarity and place of application. Usually the sitting of 3-4 hours is tolerated quite comfortably.

Is it possible to have anaesthesia while getting tattoo?

We do not recommend using anaesthia. The process is not so painful. In some cases anaesthesia is contraindicated.

I have a dark skin. What kind of tattoo is it better to choose?

We would recommend to use the intense black color for the sake of contract with the skin. The styles such as «tribal», «polynesian» , «lettering» will be more suitable.

Are there any restrictions on age and whether parental consent?

Our club has minimum age restrictions (18+).  But in some cases it is possible to lower the limit in the presence of parents and their consent.

How is it possible to get the tattoo off?

There many ways to completely remove a tattoo. The modern choice is laser removal. The impact is at the molecular level. The laser destroys only the dye color which by itself derives from the skin.

I want a temporary tattoo? Do they exist?

Temporary tattoo for 2-3 months or 5 years do not exist. The pigment remains in the skin forever. By the way, henna drawings (mehndis) do not relate to tattoo.